Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Setup for Google Android Development Environment

Here we discussed my android environment. I have setup my android environment for various proces.
I belive the following items are esstential for project development and make easy our development. 

  1. Source Code Management Setup 
  2. Project Management Tool - Not Yet Done [As of now i am tracking milestone in a excel sheet]
  3. Android Setup 
  4. Integrated development environment
  5. Code Review With PMD
  6. Testing - JUnit configuration.
  7. Build Tool. 

Source Code Management Setup 

A managment process to record the data. 

What benefits do Source Code Management tools provide?

SCM tools help development teams in many ways:
    * Collaboration: SCM tools prevent one user from accidentally overwriting the changes of another, allowing many developers to work on the same code without stepping one each other's toes.
    * History: SCM tools track the complete development history of the software, including the exact changes which have occurred between releases and who made those changes.
    * Release notes generation: Given the tracking of each change, the SCM can be used to generate notes for their software releases which accurately capture all of the changes included in the new release.
    * Documentation and test management: SCM tools can be used to manage not just software source code, but also test suites and documentation for their software.
    * Change notifications: To keep interested members of the team informed when changes occur to the source code. 

Who uses SCM tools?

SCM tools are used by:
    * Project developers who are writing source code.
    * Project testers who need to download the very latest changes.
    * Advanced users who want to try out code that is not yet stable, mature or released. 

What SCM tools does support?
    * Subversion
    * Git
    * Mercurial
    * Bazaar
    * CVS 

A tool for software developers which supports collaborative development of software within a team, and the tracking of changes to software source code over time. Subversion is used by developers, and advanced users who need the very latest changes to the software (before releases occur).

Developers should familiarize themselves with Subversion by reading Version Control with Subversion. 

Reference :

Click here[Setup SVN Environment] you can get more information.

Project Management Tool - Not Yet Done [As of now i am tracking milestone in a excel sheet]
Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. It is sometimes conflated with program management, however technically a program is actually a higher level construct: a group of related and somehow interdependent projects.

Android Setup

Check the Following blog to setup the android setup
Reference :

Integrated Development Environment
MOTODEV Studio is Motorola's robust IDE for developing exceptional mobile device applications for a wide range of Motorola products

You can download from :

Code Review With PMD
Code review is systematic examination (often as peer review) of computer source code intended to find and fix mistakes  overlooked in the initial development phase, improving both the overall quality of software and the developers' skills.

Reference :

Testing - JUnit configuration.
In computer programming, unit testing  is a software verification and validation method in which a programmer tests if individual units of source code are fit for use. A unit is the smallest testable part of an application. In procedural programming a unit may be an individual function or procedure.
Here we are using the Instrumentation Framework to write test cases.

Reference :

Build Tool.
In software engineering, continuous integration (CI) implements continuous processes of applying quality control - small pieces of effort, applied frequently. Continuous integration aims to improve the quality of software, and to reduce the time taken to deliver it, by replacing the traditional practice of applying quality control after completing all development.

Here we are discussing Hudson for
continuous integration build

Reference :


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