Monday, May 23, 2011

Android Shell Commands

Here you can find the available command set in the shell by typing this at the android shell prompt:

dumpcrash, am, dumpstate, input, itr, monkey, pm, svc, ssltest,
debuggerd, dhcpcd, hostapd_cli, fillup, linker, logwrapper, telnetd, iftop, mkdosfs, mount,
mv, notify, netstat, printenv, reboot, ps, renice, rm, rmdir,rmmod, sendevent, schedtop,
ping, sh, hciattach, sdptool, logcat, servicemanager, dbus-daemon, debug_tool, flash_image, installd,
dvz, hostapd, htclogkernel, mountd, qemud, radiooptions, toolbox, hcid,
route, setprop, sleep, setconsole, smd, stop, top, start, umount,
vmstat, wipe, watchprops, sync, netcfg, Chmod, date, dd, cmp, cat, dmesg, df,
getevent, getprop, hd, id, ifconfig, insmod, ioctl, kill,
ln, log, lsmod, ls, mkdir, dumpsys, service, playmp3, sdutil,
rild, dalvikvm, dexopt, surfaceflinger, app_process, mediaserver, system_server,


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